Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Get Out of the Debt (iii)

I came across a gentleman, who was offering credit cards. He visited a few of my co-workers and finally he stopped by my work place. He started out with all the great things about the credit card and how it could change my life for the better. I listened to his speech and waited for him to finish with his rhetoric. When he stopped, he asked for a glass of water. I could feel his desperation. I thought to have a conversation with him about this credit card business. 

Knowing what I know about the credit cards, I asked him that does he really believe in what he was selling. His answer was a big ‘No’. Then I asked about why he was preaching what he didn’t really believe in, and that is when he opened himself up to me. I came to know how huge a credit card debt he had compared to his meager salary and how hard he was trying hard to get himself out of. Due to this incredible debt, he was always on the run to make extra buck which was ultimately resulting in discontent family life. He mentioned that he has two lovely sons but somehow, both of them were unhappy with their dad. His mom is alive and she also seemed upset with him. He mentioned that he had observed people with lesser money had happier lives that what he had. So, all in all, he was losing it. 

After going through the story of his life, he asked my opinion on what could he do to make it better. I know it is strange that a credit card salesman, who had ‘almost’ excelled in the selling his side of the story, seemed helpless. My advice to him was, ‘Get out of the debt as fast as he could’. The spiral of credit card would lead him to nowhere, except causing him more headaches that he was already going through. I even advised him to leave his job if he was not satisfied and making enough to pay off his debts and to open a small business. He had mentioned to me earlier that he was lending a tight rope at his job and always hearing about layoffs leading to extra pressures in his domestic life. So the business would at least provide him some relief and he could stabilize his life and work harder in running his business. He had asked me where to find money to start his own work. My advice to him was to find an interest free loan from a family or a friend and try to return the loan as fast as he could. He agreed to these thoughts and thanked my time. 

After he left, I thought how difficult we have made our lives to achieve worthless materials in life. And on the way, we destroy our family lives and close relationships. Such a pity!

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