Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Advocating the Way Forward

The idea is to put your message across. It is better than fighting a losing war. Chill man!! It's a show of unity and unanimity of decision. No matter how far apart our politicians are in terms of politics, but when it comes to external threats, they all can get their heads together to avert the showdown with a superpower. What kind of "forceful" message do you want to send them? You want to be part of the solution, not the problem. Think like a statesman.. We are depending on you. Like Shahrukh Khan said in one of his movies, "Sometimes even if you lose, you still win." I believe it was Bazigar..
keep your cool man.. You are the philosopher one amongst us. Again, a lot is depending on you.
The future of Pakistan depends on every single person who is living in Pakistan. It is going to be a collective effort. One single person cannot change the mess of last 60 years. Therefore,  Mehmood is part of that collective effort. Also, the ground realities of Pakistan are quite different than what is perceived in the U.S. Even the White House has distanced itself from Admiral Mullen's comments after the joint statement of our "useless" politicians. And let me remind you some of the achievements of our "useless" politicians. Constitution of Pakistan, Nuclear program of Pakistan, Motorway, etc etc. See, before coming to Pakistan, I have had many confusions about Pakistan too, like you. But knowing what I know now about my country, I think we are in a prime position to be one of the best countries in the world to live in. First of all, our location puts us ahead of many developing countries, second our demographics are such that almost sixty percent of our population is youth. The literacy rate is going up. The media is vibrant and strong. We have one of the biggest coal, gold and copper reserves in the world. And most importantly, the belief of our people to move this country forward. So, yeah, we have our weaknesses too. Everybody does. But this does not mean the whole system is flawed. So my dear, since Mehmood is living in this country, that is why he understood the background of what I was talking about. However, since you have been living in the U.S. for a while, it would take you sometime to know where my thoughts are coming from. You have to live in this country to understand where we are and where are going to next. And I also want to encourage you to read my blogs at http://thefreezingpoint-arq.blogspot.com/ and comment to improve the content. Also, negativity only breeds negativity. Positive thinking and approach always leads to favorable results. So, think positively. Good things will happen in your life as well.
I am glad you have pointed out the current politicians as our foremost problem. Let me just ask you this, did you vote in the last elections? And if you did how do you feel about voting next time around?
So that's a start of change process. That's exactly what I was talking about. When educated people like you, will come to realization of the importance of their votes, this whole thing is going to change for better. We, the public, is responsible for bringing in the current politicians in power. If we want the change, the public has to change itself, change the mentality, and change the aptitude. And again, I would like to emphasize about bringing in the optimistic outlook than passivity. Spread the word of doing something different in the next elections. Start from your house, your neighborhood, your village, your city and where ever you can. Stop blaming others for our own misgivings. Start from within, my dear Shah sahab.