Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Aitchison Days - Junior School (iv)

When I moved into K-2-A, I had to move physically from Blue Wing to Yellow Wing. Yellow Wing is still on the ground floor, right across from Blue Wing. Normally, all the K-2 boys would be in this wing. However, along with K-2 boys, there are a few K-3 sections which are also present here with the K-2 boys. K-3-A, B, and C would move to Green Wing, but the rest of the sections likeK-3-D, E and F would stay back in Yellow Wing with the K-2 boys. So, that was a different experience having upper classmen staying with us.

We still had our nanny or 'aya' and our bearer to help us in our daily routine. But since we had developed all those etiquette back in Blue Wing, we were not scrutinized that closely every day. Plus, the aya would not help us that much in our clothing or bathing and routine things like the one in the Blue Wing.  So to some extent we were held accountable to our actions in Yellow Wing. We were not able to put responsibilities on anyone anymore. To some extent, we were responsible to make our own beds, keep our dorms, cupboards and drawers clean. We had our dorm inspection almost every week and cleanliness was thoroughly checked.

In Blue Wing, to some extent we were kept isolated from upper classmen to keep us away and closely monitored for any peer pressure. Since Yellow Wing is housed with K-2 and K-3 boys, things changed. The friendships are developed among various classes in the Gwyn House. The sports are played together between different class groups.

Normally, the routine which we were taught in Blue Wing stayed the same in Yellow Wing as well. Waking up early with the sound of the bell, getting ready for breakfast, Junior School assembly, attending classes, break time, then lunch after school, nap time, tea, sports before Magrib prayers, dinner and prep time and off to bed.

More to come...

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