Monday, October 17, 2011

Aitchison Days - Junior School (iii)

Our daily routine was full of activities. We were awaken by a loud sound of bell by our bearer, Chacha Fazal Din, in the Blue Wing, when it was still dark outside. We brushed the teeth, washed, changed into the Winter or Summer uniform. The Summer uniform was pretty simple which included white half-sleeve shirt, khaki shorts, socks and black shoes. Then, there was our uniform inspection before the breakfast. After breakfast, all the Gwyn House classes lined up and leave for the assembly in front of the Junior School academic building. Then we left to attend our different subjects in the classroom. After school, all the boarders would arrive in Gwyn House. Normally, we would change before lunch and after lunch, there was sometime left for nap.

This nap time was longer in the Summer because the weather is pretty hot and humid in Lahore. Around 4 pm, there was a tea for everybody. This tea included a pastry or biscuits with a sharbat in the Summer and a cup of tea in the winter. Then we were off to the games. They lasted for about an hour or so and then we had Maghrib prayers in our white shalwar kameez. The shalwar kameez were inspected for their cleanliness and iron. After the Maghrib prayer, we had our study time which was followed by dinner. And then we were done with the daily routine for the day.

All of these activities were performed by ringing a bell similar to the one below. Sometimes we enjoyed the ringing of this bell letting us know about playtime or sometime other fun event. And other times, we didn't quite enjoy it like waking us in the Winter morning, when it was still very dark and cold outside, or in Summer, because the Summer nights are shorter and we didn't have enough sleep. But we all followed it precisely.

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