Thursday, September 22, 2011

Moving back to Pakistan from the U.S.

Things are quite different in Pakistan than there. There is  never a dull moment here. The transition from the U.S. life to Pakistan takes a while, anywhere from six months to a year or so. But the idea is to get yourself in the routine and being productive  as soon as possible. Otherwise, the depression sets in and the individual tends to start thinking of moving 'back'. One has to understand that entry to a new system takes some effort, running around, adjustment, ups and downs, a lot of comparisons between the two systems, and a few more things. People here have hard time admitting the fact that some new guy will be working with them from the overseas, even if he left the country for a short while. But again, that's part of the effort of moving back. One important point is the salary packages are not comparable to the U.S. But on the other hand, a lot can be achieved with less money here. And the quality of life is much better. So yeah, the salaries are low, but you gain more with low salaries. See in Pakistan, once you get a job, the housing, utilities, conveyance, driver, gas, they are all taken care off in most of the jobs. Even private companies offer a lot of perks these days. Maybe that's why we can do a lot of things with our salaries here. 

Thinking of the long term, how long would I want to continue working for someone? And what would I want to do after retirement. So, many people start businesses on the side alone or with a partnership and keep developing their businesses over the years while working. This gives them steady income on one side and gives them something to look forward to after retirement. So there are opportunities all around. It's just  a matter of how willing someone is to take a chance.

This discussion can go on and on. But the matter of the fact is, like people ask me, which one is better? My answer is that one has to set the priorities in order and take a serious look at what is important to the individual. One has to make sacrifices and compromises in Pakistan and same in the U.S. If we look in Pakistan, there are many miserable people in this country and same in the U.S. Many people don't have jobs, or a very little money and are suffering while same goes for the U.S. as well. Everything is tied to the job. If someone loses a job, they lose almost everything and they would have to start over with the new job. So no drastic difference. So, I tell them wherever you feel at home, that's where you belong. Either way, we all have to work hard for a  living, in Pakistan or the U.S.

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