Wednesday, September 21, 2011

First One!!

Today, on 22nd of September, 2011, I am starting this web journal to see how much organized I am. I intend to write about thoughts, expressions, happenings, views, opinions, interests and many other things. I will try to put my perspective through to see if that makes an difference. I could be right or be wrong, but that doesn't matter. That would be just my take on things. Some can agree or disagree, whatever they like.

A good starting question would be, "why name is freezing point"? There is a history behind this name. I am quite sure boys or men, who went to study in Aitchison College, Lahore, would be familiar with this name. There is a place close to the "Colony", where the employees are housed within Aitchison College. This place is outer boundary of the college on the canal side. It is mostly used for dumping trash. For us, the boarders, and in many instances the day boys, who wanted to step out of the college without the knowledge of their teachers or house masters, for a drink, lunch, dinner, movie etc,  or for any matter, would use this point to scale up the wall of Aitchison College, and be out of the institution as and when they please . So I thought this name would be fitting one for my blog for me to step out of normal and usual routine to put things in black and white.

Life takes its own course. There is so much to talk about our country, Pakistan, politics, work, life and may other things. I have slight idea of how my blog will be, but I know it will change with the time. So I am not planning anything big at this point. So, I'll let it flow and hopefully something decent will appear.

All my readers are encouraged to express their ideas, thoughts on my blogs, questions, queries, concerns and whatever that comes up in their minds to help me improve. The readers' input will be the backbone of my blogs.

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