Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Random Day-Off from Work

Taking a day off from a busy schedule has a lot of positives. Our daily busy routines consumes more than just our time. It includes health, family time, social life, and other important aspects of life. While going through the same stuff daily causes us to overlook important details embedded. It’s like our minds get frozen in time and our brains stop telling us from right to wrong. This goes on for a while and then we become oblivious from the fact that we might have turned into robots. 

A daily work routine starts from getting up early in the morning at the same time, driving to work on the same route and vice versa. I think this routine gets so mechanical that we could precisely predict how long each one of these items would take us to accomplish our work. The driving back and forth to work also gets so mechanical in nature that we don’t miss a beat with the route that we take to work.

However, taking a random day off from work gets us out of this mechanical routine. The day starts with not waking up at the same time in the morning. This out-of-routine itself has a soothing affect on mind and body. The mind first tries to adjust to the daily routine mode and then relaxation takes over. Sleeping for an hour or two extra on these days off also relaxes the body. The sleep-deprived brain and body does not function to its capacity. Therefore, it is essential that once in a while, we do get a chance to sleep for extra few hours.
The day runs with breakfast late, relaxing our moods, doing our favorite chores and once in a while, lowering downs our guards. These out-of-routine activities help the mind get the bearings back to zero. That way, the mind gets to work in a natural way, the way it is supposed to, rather than a mechanical way. Playing and talking with the kids, spending quality time with the family, reading and finishing the books, and just taking it easy the good ol’ fashioned way, really helps in getting out of the rut.  

Getting to work the next day does not seem old after that day. The work itself looks new after the mind and body are rested well. Spending time in the office does not get on the nerves. And dealing with co-workers gets better too. 

It is important to maintain a balance between work and life. The work should not consume our life. That is why there are normal working hours. We are responsible for work between these hours only. Also, this work was going on before we were here and this will go on after we have left this place. Therefore, we should only worry about to an extent. The kids will not remain kids forever. Once they grow up, they will get busy in their lives and they won’t have time for us, like we don’t have time for them now. Our health will not remain the same if we didn’t take good care of it. So try to take advantage of all these luxuries while we have them. Think outside the box. That way we will function better and outputs will improve if we maintain a healthy balance between our work and life. And keep our priorities in order too.

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