Monday, January 9, 2012

Living Debt Free (ii)

There are things in life which we dearly want. And there are things which are absolutely necessary in life. And it is important to find a balance between the two.
Once out of college, it is difficult to start a life, manage the finances and meet the expectations. But life is a marathon race, not a short sprint. Time is of the essence. Slowly but surely, things get better. Trying to get ahead of the race by any means possible will have unexpected consequences. Initially, it seems awfully long time to see how large a life everybody else have but things may not be looking so bright on this side. While everybody else is driving off-the-lot brand new car, I am still driving several years old college car. Also, there are other things socially which I can’t afford in my salary, while everybody else is living large and enjoying the life.

 So, in order to gain the social status which I cannot afford, I will try to take extra financial burden. Using credit cards freely, leasing or financing an expensive car and buying a big house which would be difficult for me to manage at this time of my life. Even though I have a pretty good starting salary, I am now responsible for undue financial burden. Sometimes, that could be too much to take for a young person so early in life. These could result in some unexpected professional and psychological outcomes.

Being through this phase of life, I have seen time and again, that as the time progresses and an individual can keep the priorities straight, life gets comfortable. All of these things come with time. As long as the individual is pretty focused and committed and keep a positive outlook in life, things get better with time. 

Living and keeping things simple in life outweigh any other type of life style. Other life styles come in short periods in life and they phase out with time. Individual get in and out of those phases, sometimes they would want to erase that particular period from their lives. But simpler lifestyle is everlasting and fresh. 

Living debt free should be the ultimate financial goal of an individual. Because of this debt, the person would be so tied up that all the priorities in life would be mixed up. This debt would make you do things which you would have not thought of doing in life. Don’t get bogged down with what other people are doing or saying. Do what you want and live the way you want. If you have the means, enjoy your life and if you don’t, still enjoy the life within the means. Do not get frustrated with what others would say if you don’t meet their expectations. Keeping things simple would help a lot in this case. 

All in all, nobody wants to live on borrowed money. That’s just fake. You are living in a balloon and it could be burst anytime. You want to have solid ground underneath and you want to be standing on your own feet.

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