Friday, October 28, 2011

After the Internship Interview

 I arrived about 15 minutes early for my interview. The hiring manager was in the room with another candidate. I stepped in the room at my turn. There is always some nervousness but I kept my expectations low and I tried to be myself. I thought that even if I didn’t get this opportunity, it will be worth an interview practice. The hiring manager was very cordial. He tried to make the conversation pretty casual. He mentioned a few things about himself, his family and his time with that company.  Then the formal interview started.

There is no distinction when the conversation is cordial and when it gets formal. So, be mindful of the fact that all in all, the hiring manager is judging you during that interaction with you. So even when you are cordial, don’t lose the focus but don’t go overboard too. He asked me a few questions about why I was interested in electrical engineering when I could have chosen other major or what area of specialization in electrical engineering I wanted to be in. He also inquired me about what my goals were for the future and where I wanted to see myself in next 10 to 15 years. Not surprisingly he asked me about my intentions for looking for an internship. 

Later on, I was given the opportunity to ask him any questions that I might have. I asked him a few questions like if he was happy with what he was doing after so many years and any expectations the company is looking forward from an intern. Over all, I thought these interviews were merely a getting to know session with an individual who could be a potential employee in half an hour or so time frame. Later on, he mentioned to expect to hear from him in a month’s time. One important tip to remember after the interview; do send a ‘Thank You’ email to the hiring manager for his time. This ‘Thank You’ email will go a long way for him to remember your name. I have found out from experience that this particular email makes a profound difference between you and the candidates who don’t take the time for a ‘Thank You’ note. 

After the interview, the month had passed and Thanksgiving holidays were approaching but I hadn’t heard anything. I thought maybe someone else was already selected. Nonetheless, I went ahead and called him. Again, the hiring manager was very cordial and told me that he wanted to call me earlier but due to work load didn’t get time to do so. And he asked me if I was interested in working at his company. He told me the terms and conditions and made me an offer and also mentioned that I will receive that offer in writing in next few days from him. This was surreal for me.

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